Quality Management and Environmental Management Policy

Our system of quality and environmental management policy is regularly verified and therefore guarantees the highest quality of the products and services. Our priority in all our activities is to satisfy customers, reach the operational excellence and efficiently use energy and raw materials.

At Kordarna first Quality Certificate was granted in 1996, in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2008. Since then we are frequently undergoing control and recertification audits performed by Lloyd´s Register LRQA.

Efficiency and reliability of Quality Management is annually verified by audits conducted by our biggest customers.

Environmental protection is among our highest priorities. In 2008 we were certified according to ISO 14001:2004 and since then are undergoing verification by LRQA.

At Kordarna we carry out our operations and projects with regard to health protection for all our employees. Occupational health and safety policy is applicable across the whole company.

Quality Management Policy

The management of our processes is totally and rigorously oriented towards the complete satisfaction of all the requirements of our customers.

We direct our efforts primarily towards prevention and improvement. Detection of all kinds of nonconformities, their immediate solution and learning from them are all a matter of course for us. No nonconforming product may reach the customer.

Our quality control and quality management at the customer end are perceived as interconnected processes, from the raw material inputs to the incorporation of our products to the final products of our customers. We require the same commitment from our suppliers.

Our products demonstrate their high quality only when they are installed in the products of our customers. We are co-creators of the values and co-ensures of the quality of the products manufactured by our customers.

The target we aim is the continuous improvement of our technical business services as an integral factor for delivering quality products.

We reduce any risk to both our employees and our customers as a feature of Occupational health and safety policy.

Environmental Management Policy

KORDÁRNA Plus, a.s., as a component of its environmental policy commits:

  • To act in  compliance with the legislative requirements relating to environmental protection, safety and fire protection and, in the event of the absence of legislative standards, with the requirements of corporate standards;
  • in the context of the strategic objectives to apply and to improve the Environmental Management System (EMS);
  • in respect of the economic and ecological presence of the company in the region, we shall constantly improve the environmental performance of all our activities and prevent environmental pollution
  • to develop procedures and indicators for the objective evaluation of environmental performance and to engage in the process of the continuous improvement of the environment;
  • by prevention to remove or as much as possible eliminate any negative impact of its activities on the environment or on health and safety and to achieve the environmental objectives, targets and programs that it has established;
  • in its investment policy and its programs to focus on reducing energy consumption and on increasing efficiency in respect for the environment;
  • by selecting and influencing its suppliers to ensure their implementation of its environmental policy;
  • to utilize and to develop environmentally-friendly devices;
  • to cooperate with the relevant authorities and stakeholders in regard to respect for the state and local environmental policies;
  • in accordance with the current state of knowledge to educate and to guide the employees towards environmental compliance, to increase employee awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and of the impact on the environment of the activities that they carry out;
  • maintain an open dialogue with employees, customers and the public concerning behavior towards the environment;

Kordárna Plus, Chemical Fibre Plant

KORDÁRNA Plus, an organizational unit , as a production plant and part of Kordárna Plus, a.s. manufactures and supplies polyester technical fibers mainly for the production plant Kordarna Plus in  Velká nad Veličkou. At the same time it develops cooperation with the global tyres producers.

Through continuous product quality enhancement, skilled workers and innovation, we want to become a respected manufacturer of technical fibers.

Our primary objective is the continuous growth of the company by efficient use of materials, producing high quality product and improving the system for just-in-time deliveries. In addition to these targets we focus on reuse and dispose of materials so that their environmental impact is minimized.

The plant has implemented and certified a quality management system that complies with the international ISO 9001:2015 standard. The effectiveness of the system is regularly reviewed by an independent audit company LRQA Prague.

Quality Management Policy

The Quality policy is based on the strategic goals of the company and includes these commitments:

Customers- build long-term, mutually beneficial partnership by producing products satisfying all the customer needs

Suppliers- the selection and use of raw material ranks among the top indispensable elements of our company.

Materials and Services are obtained through transparent tenders.

Employees- investments into human resources are among highest priorities including training courses and introducing new methods to achieve work efficiency and self-motivation.

Technology and Infrastructure- Company promotes the introduction of new modern technologies as a key element to improve process quality. In addition, focus is on improving material handling systems, warehouse organization and optimization of logistics flow of materials and products.

Environment- an active cooperation with the state and local authorities to minimize risks of environmental damage is a necessity which we support by following all applicable laws and regulations.